Sizing Chart T-Shirt

  • Product delivery will be made after SKYLARMADE verifies the payment made by the customer. Customers can track their order status through updates and shipping tracking numbers sent to their website account/email.
  • Delivery will be made 1 day after payment confirmation, with a maximum delivery time of H+2 (working days, excluding Saturday and Sunday) after verification is received.
  • Currently, product delivery is only done using shipping services available on the website.
  • Once we have sent the item to the courier, it is the courier's responsibility, and the delivery time is subject to the courier's rules (JNT). SKYLARMADE is not responsible for any issues during delivery (after the item has been handed over to the courier). However, we will assist customers as much as possible in resolving any problems that may arise.
  • SKYLARMADE's shipping packaging only uses free boxes and does not use plastic packaging as an environmental conservation effort.

We do not accept returns unless there is an error on our part and outside of what is already established in the terms and conditions on this page. Returns that occur outside of the agreed-upon problem-solving process between the two parties are not our responsibility nor part of our service. We are not responsible for items returned because they have become the rightful property and responsibility of the customer.

  • Returns are only applicable if the received item is damaged/defective/incomplete accessories.
  • Refunds are applicable if the item that has been ordered and paid for is out of stock and will be returned through bank transfer.

  • Payment has not been made within 1x24 hours after ordering, or upon the customer's request.
  • There is no payment confirmation.
  • The invoice's expiration date for the order has passed.

Refunds will be issued if there is an excess/transfer error, with bank administration fees deducted* because it is not SKYLARMADE's fault*. If the destination bank is different from our three bank accounts, we will not be held responsible.

1. Refunds will be issued under the following conditions:

  • Customer is late in confirming payment, resulting in the chosen product being sold out.
  • Customer transfers more than the stated amount.
  • Issues related to customer negligence.

2. Refund timeframe:

  • Refunds will be issued to customers within 7-14 days (we schedule refunds to customers on one specific day within 5 business days).

3. Things to understand about refunds:

  • Transfer errors are not our responsibility. Please understand this.
  • There is a transaction limit for our three bank accounts (BNI, BRI, and Mandiri) each day.
  • Every day, we have obligations with other vendors/customers, which is not a small matter.
  • To prevent fraud, we need time to verify whether a transfer error actually occurred.
  • Our customer support does not have access to bank accounts and is fully handled by the finance department. Please follow the applicable policy.